Giardini di Pietra



I Giardini di Pietra are born in the studio from the meeting between Petra Dotti and Carmelo Giacchino. The two who had already collaborated in various projects, she as an author and he as a sound engineer, find themselves composing and arranging together for what will become an all-Italian concept album: Pneuma. The texts, essential and profound poetics, extreme in their adherence to the life lived are mixed with the harmonious sound of the Seagull guitars and merge with electronic landscapes, sometimes liquid with extremely acidic features.

The disc is a story in seven steps, a love story of hate and alchemical transformation. A journey within itself. The lyrics are poetry that makes music, that scratches the heart and tells the crudeness and intensity of human relationships. The words are arrows made to hit the listener and take him into the stone garden, where everything is fire and blood and bones.

Concluded this disc and during the financing campaign Musicraiser (which turns out to be a success) the two realize that the project is much bigger than it seems. Studio collaborations with Lorenzo Barzon (violin) and Lorenzo Scrinzi (guitar, piano and arrangements) had already made the musical ground more fertile.

Petra began to carry the tracks around even in an unplugged version by adding other pieces of her personal repertoire as a singer-songwriter going through the stages of her musical history and began to involve several musicians by setting up a very engaging live set where the fire gravitates around the guitar and the voice, a great evocative of emotions, but the other elements can change dynamically like a gypsy orchestra that changes its dress every evening but never soul.

The result of this research is an essential and narrative quartet composed, as well as by Petra Dotti, by Mario Impara (drums and cajòn), Irene Elena (classical guitar) and Andrea Lamacchia (double bass) giving shape to new garden inflorescences.

Petra Dotti – voice
Mario Learn – drums and Cajon
Irene Elena – classical guitar
Andrea Lamacchia – double bass

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