Gli Scarrafoni – Tribute Band di Pino Daniele


“Basta ‘na jurnata’ e sole”, says a historical song by Pino Daniele and right under the scorching sun of a day in July 2016, on the beach, Michele Mundo (Voice of the group) chatting with Pasquale Leporace (Drummer) had the idea of ​​starting a project that could go well beyond the “cover band” with the sole purpose of transmitting through music, the passion they have for Pino Daniele. Together with Cosimo Basta (Bassista), after careful research on who could be part of this project, they came to a definitive formation composed of eight elements, fundamental to achieve the sound style that all together, then, sought inspiring from the historical super band that the Neapolitan artist brought with him on the most famous tours of his long career. The project came to life in October 2016 with the “Italianized” name of a famous song by the aforementioned artist: GLI SCARRAFONI.

After numerous changes of members, the group reached a certain maturity, arousing interest in some family members very close to the late artist. Currently the definitive formation is the following:

– Michele Mundo: Voce. A graduate in double bass at the Conservatory since he was a child, he has always had a certain passion for music and singing. Co-founder of the group he made himself available to research the necessary sound that characterizes the music of Pino Daniele.

– Pasquale Leporace: Battery. The other co-founder and “metronome” of the group started playing drums at the age of fourteen, experimenting with different styles and musical genres until they had their own unique style.

– Matteo De Vita: Rhythmic guitar.Passionate about Pink Floyd, he began his career with the guitar as a boy, showing excellent musical skills. Thanks to this group he has known and greatly appreciated the music of Pino Daniele.

– Antonio Di Norscia: Guitar soloist. He has blues in his blood, loves to improvise and create solos thanks to the love he has for blues music and the funky rhythm. Together with Matteo de Vita he recalls some of the most beautiful guitar solos by Pino Daniele

– Jacopo Mundo: Percussion / Corista. Bassoon student in the Conservatory has always shown to have a great rhythmic sense bringing time with anything since a child with strong singing.

– Valerio Di Bari: Keyboard. The “essay” of the group is the one who lived the artistic and musical journey of Pino Daniele. It demonstrates a great musical ability and an excellent ear ideal for finding and interpreting the solos and virtuosities of the keyboard.

– Cosimo Basta: Low. The typical bass player model. Precise, refined and never banal. He gained his musical experience by being part of various unpublished projects. He is able to make the most of the musical style of the group through his way of playing and interpreting the pieces.

– Gabriele Gramazio: Sax. The youngest of the group, he graduated from the Conservatory in 2017. He fell in love with the sax since he was a kid and discovered the style of his mentor James Senese, dedicating heart and soul to this project.

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