Lucia Lombardo



In his early twenties, in 2007; Lucia Lombardo publishes her first album “Il Passo dei Lupi” on the L’Alternativa S.r.l. by the producer and record artist Renzo Fantini who literally “found” in her Bologna the young Milanese singer-songwriter who ran away from home.
Lucia has been writing and composing music since she was 13, passion, feeling and denouncing the characteristic of her lyrics, never banal ..

Journalist Massimo Cotto wrote about her:
“A style that refers beyond our borders, a first work with a splendid title, Lucia illuminates different characters between colors and pains, smiles and condemnations”.

Lucia is accompanied by Ellade Bandini, Ares Tavolazzi, Jimmy Villotti, Vince Tempera and Antonio Marangolo. She is presented at the Auditorium Parco della Musica in Rome by Vincenzo Mollica where she plays accompanied by Avion Travel. Then a series of personal vicissitudes lead her to wander around Europe, to settle in Paris where she meets musicians of different musical genres and styles thanks to which she discovers new sounds.

In 2019 the return to the scene with the publication, on the Bagana Records label, of “Schiavi” and “Non Dimenticarmi Mai”, two songs of love and denunciation, characterized by a new and modern musical style with which Lucia tells, through own eyes of mother and woman, dramatically current stories.

In 2020 her single comes out: “Pietre” released with a small label… but immediately, almost as if it were some sort of destiny and the media come back to talk about her.

In 2021 another single, “Oceano”, was released, much appreciated by critics and the public.



  • acoustic duo or trio for intimate evenings dedicated to songwriting
  • full band for the most important situations


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