Never Hide


Never Hide comes from an idea by Luca Bonvini. The genre that influences the project is the typical 90s grunge sound, after composing a good number of songs, looking for musicians to put it into practice and in the summer of 2016 comes to life.

Only 4 months after the band was formed, they made their debut with the first live of 7 tracks of unreleased solo. At the beginning of 2017 Pietro Mercurio joins the band, the definitive voice and bassist Roberto Conti. At the end of 2017 an album of 9 tracks was recorded, deliberately with a live approach, recorded by sound engineer Alberto “Skizzo” Bonardi, who worked with Eros Ramazzotti, PFM, Extrema, Alex Britti, and others. A video duo, one of the single “Demons” and the other of “Money”.

The band closes 2017 with some thirty live in various clubs in northern Italy and in December 2017 the lineup is changed, drummer Giovanni Lisanti joins the band and rhythmic guitarist Davide Di Bella. 2018 saw a calendar of more than forty dates between Italy and Switzerland.

Pietro Mercurio – Singer
Luca Bonvini – Lead Guitar
Davide Di Bella – Rhythm Guitar
Roberto Conti – Bass Guitar
Giovanni Lisanti – Drums


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