Tu sei bellezza


“You are Beauty”, this is the name of the evangelization project headed by Fra Matteo Della Torre, a friar of the order of the minor Franciscans, who with his guitar in his arms will lead his band in a rock concert all to dance and sing.

Fra Matteo, born in 1975, a native of Melzo, enters the convent at the age of 28, after he comes into contact with the Franciscan world on the occasion of missions to young people. His is a vocation born at a mature age when the question of “Are you happy?” Begins to waver the wall of certainties. From there came a strong desire for research and more and more fascinated by the approach to life and the joy of being together that the Franciscans transmitted, he decided to undertake the path that led him to become a friar. Now he lives and works in the convent of Rezzato.

During his journey he never abandons his passion for music, born already at an early age: when he was eleven he started playing classical guitar, later joining the electric one.

During his adolescence Matteo together with other musician friends founded the “Moon”, a rock band that led them to play in the clubs and at local festivals; reluctantly the artistic roads were divided, but the link with the members of the band remained strong, so much so that in 2012 Matteo involved his friends Luca and Andrea in the annual competition for the election of the Franciscan march anthem and produced the song “Tu sei Bellezza”, from which the project takes its name.

From 2012 to the present, various pieces have been made, two of which have become the official anthem of the 2012 Franciscan march (Tu sei Bellezza) and 2014 (Cento per uno):

The “You are Beauty” project was officially born in 2017 and brings together all the productions from previous years to present them during the evangelization concert. It is a time of prayer lived together, in which we meet the Lord to rejoice by reopening our hearts to hope and trust, a time not to feel alone but on the road with our brothers and sisters and to say thanks to the beauty of life .

The evangelization concert thus becomes an opportunity for all those who want to get involved, letting themselves be actively involved, welcoming a modern form of announcement that goes through the expressions

art. During the concert rock songs are performed, interpreted by a band composed of professional musicians, images and words are projected, all accompanied by the dance steps of “Gocce di dew”, a group of young professional dancers engaged in modern dance , classical and liturgical.

The performance of the pieces is interspersed with moments of provocation-reflection conducted by Fra Matteo, from time to time linked to a theme that serves as a common thread and reference to the proposed event, leading us to rediscover the beauty that we are.

Music and dance are today among the few languages ‚Äč‚Äčthat young people recognize and that allow them to convey the message that every man is a beautiful expression of God’s beauty. Music (the rock that with its energy manages to highlight so many states of mind) and dance become an opportunity to meet new people and create moments of relationship.


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